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International Technological University’s Lost & Found box is located at the Security Office.

When items are found, they are logged onto a log that is attached to the Lost & Found box and held for thirty days. Unclaimed items will be disposed after the thirty days.

If possible, the Operations Office will make every effort to contact the owner of an item by phone or email, if the owner of the item can be identified.

Exemptions to the Policy:

  • High value items will be logged onto the Lost & Found log but will be stored in the operations office.

When a High value item is being claimed, Security will contact the Operations Staff member and they will arrive to verify ownership prior to release.

High value items include but are not limited to: driver’s licenses, state/federal identification cards, ATM/debit/credit cards, checks, checkbooks, wallets, cell phones, and high value electronic items. High value electronic items include but are not limited to laptops, iPods, and mp3 players.

  • Food and food/beverage containers turned into Lost and Found will be disposed of at the end of the day in which it was found.
  • Any item deemed unsanitary will be disposed of immediately.

In order to claim an item in Lost and Found the owner must provide a physical description of the item and current photo ID. The owner will be required to sign the item out once ownership has been established.

Any questions regarding Lost and Found items should be directed to the Security Office at (408) 469 – 3001.