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All students are required to have an ITU Student Identification Card (Student ID) to access campus facilities, borrow equipment, check-out textbooks, receive attendance credit for ITU Presents, and pick-up official documents such as diplomas, I-20, transcripts, refund checks, and VTA Eco pass at the Information Center.

Students should carry their ID card at all times. The card is required for class attendance (check-in and check-out), and used in conjunction with your VTA Eco pass card to board the bus and light rail.

It is highly recommended that new students obtain their Student ID card prior to the start of their first class for attendance purposes. Beginning the first day of registration, students are welcome to visit the Information Center desk to take their ID picture.

Students must resolve their tuition balance, before they are able to receive a card. Registered and paid students will receive their Student ID card “on the spot”. You are required to bring:

  • A government issued photo identification, such as a passport, driver’s license.
  • Your ITU student identification number.
  • Proof of registration and payment.

Immediately report a lost or stolen card and request a replacement by completing the Lost/Stolen and Replacement Request form and submitting a support ticket to ITU Support, Student ID & VTA Card. Replacement fees are tiered beginning at a $25.00 fee for first time, $50.00 for second and $100.00 for third report. All fees are paid to the Department of Accounting Services and student must be registered to request a replacement.

Student identification cards are the property of ITU. Only the named cardholder has privilege use. Services rendered by the card are non-transferable to other individuals. All students are expected to abide by ITU’s Student Code of Conduce. Students who lend their card to another for the sole purpose of accessing University facilities and/or circumventing the attendance system will be recommended for disciplinary sanctions outlined in Article IV of the Student Code of Conduct. The holder must present and surrender card upon request of any ITU staff member or designated authorities.