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Student Corner: Building ITU’s Next Campus with J. Gadamsetty

IMG_0804In 2015, ITU is moving to a new campus in North San Jose. The larger space will feature new classrooms, a yoga studio, and media hub. ITU has big plans for the new building and hopes to build out a variety of the campuses furniture and security systems in-house. To that aim, the university is working with students and staff to build desks, chairs, tables, and even a key card system.

One student helping out is J. Gadamsetty. He has held a variety of internships during his time at ITU. Whether working in the ISO department or the Office of Institutional Research, he has worn many hats during his time at the university. However, his newest position as an IT Solutions Engineer takes him back to his real passion: mechanical engineering.

Gadamsetty says: “Working in IT Solutions is awesome. Because of my three years of experience in this field, I’ve been able to take on exciting projects. I’m also learning some new things because it’s been a while since I started working on these sorts of things. I’m really back into the field I’m interested in now.”

Helping Build the Future of ITU

IMG_0809The work Gadamsetty is doing gives him a unique opportunity to help develop what ITU will look like over the next ten years. Using guidance from ITU leadership, he is creating the tools that students will be using for years to come.

Gadamsetty is currently working to build modular furniture that can be rearranged depending on the particular needs of the university. To accomplish their goals, the IT Solutions team plans to purchase machinery that will help streamline the building process, and create unique products. While waiting for the needed machinery, Gadamsetty is in the early stages of furniture development.

“As of right now, we are in the designing and planning phase. Once that is done, we’ll start testing prototypes and, then finally, get everything built for the new campus,” adds Gadamsetty.

Heading Back to His Roots

IMG_0815For Gadamsetty, working in IT Solutions is a real chance to get back to the work he likes doing the most. His experience in the field of mechanical engineering and project management gives him a unique insight into his new role. Gadamsetty reports that he has really taken to the project, and appreciates that he is able to take on new challenges in his internship.

“It’s a unique job for me because of my history with the industry. I’ve been giving a good amount of space to try new things because of my experience,” says Gadamsetty.

The IT Solutions team is also looking to add more interns to work with Gadamsetty. In the not-to-distant future, the team plans to bring more students on-board and give each team member more opportunities to focus on the type of work they’re passionate about.

Gadamsetty finds: “Everyone wants to build great stuff, and we want to manufacture our own thing. Even after we build everything from our own designs, we want to give the students a chance to build their own stuff too.”