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ITU’s August Slideshow: The Month in Pictures

August was another great month for ITU. Last month, we had some laughs, some debates, and even some dance. From our last Hip-Hop Dance Workshop of the Summer, to the VTA Forum, we closed the summer with some great events that got everybody ready for Fall. Here are some of our favorite pictures for the month that was. Be sure to leave a comment in the comments section if you see Read More

ITU: The Early Years

Back in 1994, ITU was a small university, just trying to stay afloat. With little money, and even fewer students, the university was still finding its place in the academic landscape. ITU was started with the intention of bridging the gap between academia and industry, but to turn that intention into a reality, would take time…Read More

ITU Founder Shu-Park Chan: How One Man Built A University

Nearly 20 years ago ITU was founded. The story of ITU starts with one man, Dr. Shu-Park Chan. It was the vision and ideals of Dr. Chan that established what ITU is. His story is tightly ingrained into the identity of the university. Through perseverance, forward-thinking, and innovative ideas, he has also laid the groundwork for what ITU has become.Read More

ITU Slideshow: July in Pictures

Another month, another fantastic slideshow recap! July was a great month full of workshops, ITU Presents, and, even, an Intern/TA Appreciation Day. If you missed out on any of our great events here is a slideshow to catch you up.Read More

Collaborative Learning and the ITU Capstone Projects

We’ve enlisted Computer Science Professor Dr. Richard Riehle to help explain how he plans to run his capstone project for the Fall trimester. While each professor will offer a unique approach to his or her projects, Professor Riehle’s approach is a good example to explain the general concept of a capstone.Read More

Student Discounts: Like a Good Neighbor ITU is There!

It’s that time of year again! Fall registration is nearly upon us and soon ITU will be welcoming new students for the upcoming trimester. In a bid to give our students a chance to experience all the joys of the Silicon Valley, we’re going to share a quick primer on ITU’s Good Neighbor Program.Read More

Bridge Bank Offers ITU Helping Hand with New Class Project

Professor Barbara Olden’s Managerial Accounting class is winding down its mock business project. The project requires that students create a fake business with a year’s worth of financial books and a real business plan. In one of the final stages of the project, Professor Olden took students to ITU neighbor Bridge Bank. Read More

ITU OPT Workshop: Best Practices for Navigating the OPT Process

Getting Optional Practical Training (OPT) authorization can be a difficult process. From strict deadlines to ample amounts of paperwork, without the proper help it can be a trying procedure. Luckily, ITU’s OPT Specialist Amy Chaung is here to help. She is offering a variety of workshops on the subject throughout the rest of the year. Her workshops cover the basics of the process and are aimed at giving each student a primer on the topic.Read More

Top 3 Tips For Making A Great LinkedIn Profile

To help you get the most out of your LinkedIn profile, ITU Career Services Coordinator Gilda Buyze recently came up with a list of three stellar tips for optimizing a student’s LinkedIn profile. The following tips can help you improve an existing profile or create a brand new one.Read More

Top 3 Tips for Creating a Great PowerPoint Presentation with Multimedia Expert Cedrick Chan

Multimedia expert and ITU Department Chair of Digital Arts Cedrick Chan shed light on one of his areas of expertise in a series of workshop videos on ITU’s Youtube page. Chan’s instructional video series Slide it Up: Guidelines to Better Presentations, highlights tips for how anyone can become a better presenter. Here is a rundown of Chan’s tips for creating a stellar presentation…Read More

ITU Slideshow: June in Pictures

June was a great month for ITU. Over the last month, the University held a variety of events that gave students great outlets to learn and have fun. From ITU Presents to the Summer Kick-Off BBQ, June turned out to be a great way to start the new trimester. Here is a look back at all the great events held on campus this month!Read More