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ITU offices will close early at 2PM on Friday, October 24, 2014.

WASC Gives Thumbs Up to ITU’s Unique Mission

This October the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) visited ITU as part of its ongoing assessment of the university’s mission, and progress as an accredited institution. The visit was highlighted by a positive appraisal of ITU’s work over the last two years. Specifically, the WASC visiting team commended the university for its unique approach to higher education and institutional assessments.Read More

ITU’s August Slideshow: The Month in Pictures

August was another great month for ITU. Last month, we had some laughs, some debates, and even some dance. From our last Hip-Hop Dance Workshop of the Summer, to the VTA Forum, we closed the summer with some great events that got everybody ready for Fall. Here are some of our favorite pictures for the month that was. Be sure to leave a comment in the comments section if you see Read More

ITU: The Early Years

Back in 1994, ITU was a small university, just trying to stay afloat. With little money, and even fewer students, the university was still finding its place in the academic landscape. ITU was started with the intention of bridging the gap between academia and industry, but to turn that intention into a reality, would take time…Read More

ITU Founder Shu-Park Chan: How One Man Built A University

Nearly 20 years ago ITU was founded. The story of ITU starts with one man, Dr. Shu-Park Chan. It was the vision and ideals of Dr. Chan that established what ITU is. His story is tightly ingrained into the identity of the university. Through perseverance, forward-thinking, and innovative ideas, he has also laid the groundwork for what ITU has become.Read More