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A Brief History of Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again! It’s Thanksgiving, that wonderful time of the year where we give thanks, and connect with friends and families. To celebrate the occasion, ITU will be hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner for students to come together and celebrate the occasion. To get everyone ready for the event, we wanted to share with you the history of Thanksgiving. Starting in the early days of North America colonization Read More

Student Corner: Building ITU’s Next Campus with Jugal Gadamsetty

In 2015, ITU is moving to a new campus in North San Jose. The larger space will feature new classrooms, a yoga studio, and media hub. ITU has big plans for the new building and hopes to build out a variety of the campuses furniture and security systems in-house. To that aim, the university is working with students and staff to build desks, chairs, tables, and even a key card system.Read More

The Student Corner: Slideshows by Raghu Ramz

ITU is full of talented students. From Engineering Management to Digital Arts, students in every department are connected by their interest in creating something exciting. In a bid to better share our students’ work, we’ve started to chronicle some of our favorite student created projects in a series we’re calling The Student Corner.Read More

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