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Course Primer: Project Management Through Time

Project Management as a discipline developed from various fields, including construction, engineering, organizational management and operations research. Henry Gantt is referred to as the father of planning and control techniques in the United States, and is known for creating the Gantt Chart as a project management tool. Gantt was an associate of Frederick Winslow Taylor, the founder of scientific management theory.Read More

Tips for Writing a Great Doctoral Paper

Aside from the University requirement and mechanics of writing a publishable paper, one might ask, why it is important to develop a topic and write for a journal or a conference? The short answer is that it provides the student with an opportunity for growth and development in critical thinking and scholarly work.Read More

Unboxing Higher Education: The ITU Difference

We know that education changes lives and often changes the course of history. While we need to be humble about what we can actually achieve, we need to continue to recognize that one educated leader can emerge to become a driving force for good – or evil – in the future. We at ITU must hope that our contribution will be of long-term benefit.Read More

ITU and the Power of Global Education

Global education is emerging as a significant tool for empowering learners to share their points of view. The United Nations declares education as the second highest main concern after poverty and hunger. It is considered a powerful instrument for enhancing living standards, removing socio-economic inequity, and sustaining economic growth.Read More