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Library & Information Center

Information Resource Center, ITU Campus:

ITU also has an on-site library which is filled with informational books and extra laptops to assist students with their research endeavors. There are books regarding healthcare, computer programming, networking, and more for students to utilize in their studies.

Information Center Services:

- Rent Laptops
- Purchase Copies or Printouts
- Apply for ITU Student ID
In order to apply and receive your Student ID, please follow these instructions:

  1. Students can either download the Student ID Application Form, or pick up a physical copy from the Admissions office or ITU Library.
  2. Students can submit the completed form to the ITU Library along with  copies of their certificates of admission, acceptance letters, State issued ID, and copies of tuition receipt. The library is located on ITU’s first floor of the West Wing of campus.
  3. ID photos must be taken in the library.
  4. All requests are usually processed within five (5) business days after the completed application form is received. Processing time may be longer during peak times.
  5. An email notification will be sent when the Student ID is available for pick-up. You must bring a valid government issued photo identification prior to receiving your ITU Student ID.

Please note we will charge $10 for stolen or lost Student ID cards.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, San Jose, CA:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library serves as ITU’s principal research library. It hosts textbooks and reference materials for all of our courses.  In addition to our on-campus library, our agreement with the King Library ensures access to research material in order to aid students in completing projects and assignments. Through our student learning resource channels, students can explore industry journals and published works that are updated and relevant.  As ITU emphasizes that students have a strong awareness of industry news, they are encouraged to take advantage of our learning resources for their academic success.


150 East San Fernando Street
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 808-2000

International Technological University has an agreement with the San Jose Public Library that gives our students, faculty and staff access to our shared resources. If you have any questions concerning access and available resources, please visit the San Jose Public Library website. Here are the steps students can take to attain their San Jose Public Library card:


  1. Go to$ to fill out your application
  2. Stop by any San Jose library with your Photo ID (i.e. California Driver License, Green Card, or Passport) and proof of your current California address (i.e. paystubs, utility bills, driver license, or piece of postmark within 30 days) to receive and activate your card.

Note: If you can show a photo ID but not proof of your current address, you can get what we call a “Limited Status” Library Card, which allows you to borrow 1 item at a time.

  1. If you had a San Jose Public Library card during the past two years, DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM. Please visit any San Jose Library with your current photo ID and Proof of address if you need a replacement card.
  2. Create your online login to be able to access library databases.

Note: If you use a library owned desktop computer, you can access most SJSU databases and all SJPL databases. If you use your own laptops with your wireless connection, SJSU network views it as offsite access so you would only have access to SJPL databases. You would need to have a library card and a Pin# for offsite access which they would also use to access the wireless network.

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Last modified: June 18, 2014