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Doctorate of Business Administration

The purpose of the Doctorate in Business Administration is to offer managers, leaders, executives, and scholars the ability to:

  • Achieve an understanding of business and management procedures in a complex economy through practical research, teaching, and learning.
  • Develop the quality of business decisions, deep practice and ultimate learning.
  • Help organizations explain serious problems and promote a setting of excellent performance.
  • Make a distinction in the life of their professions, and the world-wide community by serving the social and professional organizations and performing in accordance of the maximum ethical standards.

In the face of increasing competition, it is no longer sufficient to work harder and faster. Companies call upon people with advanced degrees. It is in this context that the International Technological University (ITU) Business School proposes a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA).

The degree of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a research doctorate that focuses on business practice, and the application of theory rather than on the development of new theory. The DBA requires significant coursework beyond that required at the master level. It is a professional doctoral program intended for executives, senior managers, consultants, advanced students, and instructors of business who want to expand their knowledge, and skills. The program develops the skills to research, analyze and practice to equip graduates with an understanding management and real-world business principles and practices. As an international business school, ITU bridges the gap between learning and its application.

ITU’s Doctorate of Business Administration delivers a powerful program designed to enhance the student’s critical thinking, analytical skills, and leadership abilities, and enable them to develop an expertise in conducting and understanding research, methodology, and evaluation.

Advisory Committee

To guide students through the first phase of the degree program, an advisory committee of at least three faculty members with appropriate terminal degrees will be assigned. The advisory committee also may serve as the Dissertation Committee.

Admission to the Program Requires:

  • Resume
  • Completed application form
  • A two-page essay on the topic being proposed
  • MBA or a relevant Masters Degree and work experience
  • Official transcripts of graduate and undergraduate degrees
  • GMAT or GRE examination: You are required to take the GMAT or GRE examination (within 10 years prior to application to the program) and have the test score results sent to the university (exceptions to this examination may be made by the academic quality control committee)
  • English language proficiency: If your native language is not English, you must supply evidence of English language proficiency, such as score of 550 or higher on the TOEFL or other evidence (exceptions to this requirement can be made by academic quality control committee)
  • Recommendations: Three written recommendations attesting your ability to succeed in a doctoral program are required.
  • Statement of purpose: A statement of purpose of approximately 1,000 words is required. This statement should address your reasons for seeking the doctoral degree and how the doctorate will advance your personal and career goals.
  • The DBA may not be completed in less than three years. The maximum time allowed is seven years, during which the candidate works under a supervisor, who is also a member of the jury before which the candidate will defend his or her dissertation.
  • Candidates are expected to have a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher in a relevant, accredited master’s program.

Requirements for the Doctor of Business Administration:

To be awarded the degree, you must successfully complete a minimum of 96 semester units. The first part (36 units) of the Doctoral Program is the Masters Degree Program. The International Technological University doctoral program in Business Administration requires satisfactory completion of 42 semester units of curriculum combined with a master’s degree (36 semester units) and the doctoral dissertation (18 semester units).

Pursuit of the DBA Involves Two Main Components

Coursework: Includes 9 semester units of foundation courses, 15 semester units of business core courses, and 18 semester units of electives, a total of 42 semester units.
Dissertation: Concludes the program with a significant scholarly research project, requiring a minimum of 15 credit-hours, 3 credit-hours of dissertation defense. Submission of the dissertation is 65,000 to 80,000 words. Although research papers, reports and examinations may be required in doctoral seminars, the major assessment points in the DBA program are the qualifying examination, taken after the foundation curriculum is completed, and the dissertation research.

You must successfully complete all required courses before you are allowed to present a dissertation proposal and officially advance to candidacy. To fulfill the degree requirements, your dissertation must be completed and defended successfully within seven years of entry into the program. The students are assigned a Dissertation Committee. Similar to the Advisory Committee, this committee will comprise at least three faculty members with appropriate terminal degrees. Students work closely with their dissertation committee members through the remainder of their doctoral program.

Core Courses

Foundation Core Curriculum – 9 units

DBA 900 Writing and Research Methods (3)
DBA 901 Quantitative Research Analysis (3)
DBA 902 Qualitative Research Analysis (3)

Business Core Curriculum -15 units

DBA 910 Special Topics in Research Techniques (3)
DBA 911 Management and Organizational Theory (3)
DBA 912 Management as a Behavioral Science (3)
DBA 913 Emerging Issues in Marketing Management and Research (3)
DBA 914 Emerging Issues in Strategic Decision Making (3)
DBA 915 Creativity: A Process-oriented Approach (3)
DBA 916 Innovation and Creativity: Culture of Group Dynamics (3)
DBA 917 Conflict Resolutions (3)
DBA 918 Creativity As A Linguistic Process (3)
DBA 920 Emerging Issues in Financial Decision Making (3)
DBA 930 Seminar in Special Topics in International Business (3)
DBA 940 Seminar in Administrative Policy and Administration (3)
DBA 950 Operations and Information Technology Management (3)

Qualifying Examination

Qualifying exams will be administered upon completion of all required core and concentration course work. This integrative examination will test your mastery of the literature in your area by satisfactory performance on this examination.

Electives And Seminars – 18 units

You must choose six of ITU’s MBA elective courses (different than the ones taken in the MBA program, exceptions to this requirement can be made by the academic quality control committee), OR six of the following DBA courses closely related to your dissertation research topic.

DBA 810 Management Practice and Organizational Behavior (3)
DBA 811 Advanced Managerial Economics (3)
DBA 812 Seminar in the Sociological and Psychological Principles of Management (3)
DBA 813 Leadership Behavior and Motivation (3)
DBA 814 Seminar in Special Topics in Marketing (3)
DBA 815 Leadership and Ethics (3)
DBA 816 Seminar in Strategic Planning in Human Resource Management (3)
DBA 817 Philosophies and Concepts of Total Quality Management (3)
DBA 820 Seminar in Accounting Information Systems (3)
DBA 821 Seminar in Auditing (3)
DBA 822 Current Issues in Accounting Research (3)
DBA 823 Seminar in Corporate Finance (3)
DBA 824 Seminar in Investments (3)
DBA 825 Multinational Business Finance (3)
DBA 830 Management Practice for the International Institution (3)
DBA 831 Seminar in International Business (3)
DBA 832 Seminar in International Marketing (3)
DBA 833 Seminar in International Finance (3)
DBA 834 International Macroeconomics Analysis (3)
DBA 835 International Human Resource Management (3)
DBA 836 International Information Technology Management (3)
DBA 840 Emerging Issues in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources (3)
DBA 841 Economics and Public Policy (3)
DBA 842 Organization Design (3)
DBA 843 Corporate Planning and Environment (3)
DBA 844 Legal Issues for the Modern Institution (3)
DBA 845 Seminar in Organizational Behavior Research (3)
DBA 846 Seminar in Special Topics in Operations Management (3)
DBA 847 Seminar in Strategy and Innovation (3)
DBA 850 Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (3)
DBA 851 Managerial Applications of Information Technology (3)
DBA 852 Networking Concepts and Applications (3)
DBA 853 Managing Software Development Projects (3)

Dissertation Research Projects

DBA 990 Dissertation Research

Dissertation Research – 15 units

You may register for DBA 990 Dissertation Research only after having first completed all required foundation courses and having passed the qualifying examination. Students begin the final phase of their studies immediately after the successful oral defense of the proposal. Working closely with their committee, students conduct their research project and develop their dissertation, achieving the highest levels of scholarship. The dissertation must include original research that is focused either on expanding the methodological scope of the content area, developing new theories, or confirming theoretic models. Research methods that may be employed include field experiments, surveys, and case studies. Successful completion of the dissertation is the final step in the program.

Dissertation Defense – 3 units

The students are required to defend their dissertation in public, including 5 to 6 juries, 3 of them members of the Dissertation Committee.

Dissertation Proposal

The critical work is a formal written proposal for dissertation research. This proposal must include a clear statement of the problem to be researched and a survey of the relevant literature. The proposal must specify the research methods, data collection, and data analysis techniques in detail. The methods to be employed must be appropriate, reliable, and appropriate for the measures taken.

Proposal Defense

The defense is an oral examination, limited to no more than three (3) hours. The student may be directed to rework portions of the proposal and repeat this examination.

Educational Method

Each course involves intensive reading, independent study, assignment and/or examination. There will also be a series of research workshops. These workshops provide the face-to-face consultation and discussion between supervisors and candidates,

DBA majors concentrations

Doctorate in Business Administration combines a broad knowledge of business with a concentration in one of the below-mentioned areas. ITU offers the DBA in 10 distinct topic areas including:

  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Applied Computer Science
  • Business Administration
  • Global Business Sustainability
  • Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Public Administration
  • Strategy and Innovation

Note: Students who are not able to complete the dissertation after completing the 42 credits course work. They will receive a Terminal Master’s degree. The Terminal degree is usually found in professional fields, or academic areas where research is not the priority.

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