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  • Connecting Through Music

    By Andrew Christy

    It was sometime in August, 2015. I had just come back from Vermont to live in California again, as I wanted to be near my family and best friends. These are the people I really care about, after all, and I want to do everything I can to help them in their times of need. However, I will say I never showed that particularly generous spirit to those I don’t personally know.

  • Sacred Heart: Helping Families In Need

    “Equal emphasis on the building and uniting of community and on the freedom from poverty. Neither objective can truly be fulfilled without the other. Hope is created when we share resources in a dignified, compassionate, and respectful way. Opportunity is created when we invest in the skills and nurture mutual support networks among individuals and groups.

  • STEM is Branching Out

    On Point
    An Occasional Series by Gregory O’Brien
    President, International Technological University


    Four pillars of American STEM