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ITU always recognized Alumni as part of the Family and our greatest assets. ITU wants to make this bond stronger by keeping in touch with them and making connections with the community around it through Career Center. ITU is going to offer many services that will help you grow in your career. In addition, ITU will help you share your experience and field expertise with current students.

Dear Alumni of ITU,

We are proud that you have built the close association with ITU family while you are studying at ITU. To keep this association strong and on-going, we are planning to have periodic conference calls (and possibly in-person meetings) to get connected with you from time-to-time and to seek any suggestions from you.

As a graduate of ITU, you are automatically a member of the ITU Alumni Association which works to keep the connection between the ITU and its graduates to advance the professional growth for both its graduates and the university.

    Some of the benefits available to you include:

  • Free membership to the ITU Alumni Association.
  • Opportunities to network with other alumni and ITU
  • Period meetings (conference calls or in-person) to provide feedback to ITU and seek any advise
  • And more to come!

Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Ramesh Konda via email: Dr. Konda will send out email invitation for the upcoming conference calls & meetings in addition to posting the same info on this website. Please do visit ITU in-person when you are in town and/or close by ITU.

Thank you,

Your ITU Alumni Association

Last modified: August 4, 2014