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Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at ITU was started in 1994. Established by former department chair, and ITU founder, Dr. Shu-Park Chan, the program offers students the chance to work with industry-connected faculty on hands-on real-world projects. It offers degrees in Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, as well as a PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering. Programs have been well defined to provide students up-to-date knowledge and practical skills that put career success at the forefront.

Dr. May Huang assumed the role of Department Chair when Dr. Chan retired in 2008. The faculty has changed due to the retirement of professors, but the standard of quality established by Dr. Chan still remains today. ITU’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering curriculum is updated yearly to match engineering advances and market demands.

The department’s chip design environment is built by industry standards and offers students the practical training they’ll need for their career. Course projects are developed to enhance students’ hands-on techniques and skills. Cutting-edge researches encourage students in innovation and entrepreneurship.