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Degree Programs

What Master's and Doctoral degree programs does ITU offer?
ITU’s programs are tailored for adaptability and practical training to best prepare students for their careers.


Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Stay on the pulse of change, discover new ideas, and learn how to shape your industry with ITU’s Master of Business Administration program.

Software Engineering

Master of Science in Software Engineering

The Department of Software Engineering prepares its graduates for successful careers as computer scientists or software engineers in all fields that utilize computerization or software.

Digital Arts

Master of Science in Digital Arts

In a world of smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, and virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR), the role of a digital artist is more important than ever.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Access cutting-edge technology and learn from industry professions in ITU’s Computer Engineering program.

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Learn the fundamentals of mathematics, science, and engineering to develop skills in one of the most innovative fields in the world.

Engineering Management

Master of Science in Engineering Management

The ITU Engineering Management program is designed to equip engineers and business specialists with the skills to lead technical projects or businesses in fast-paced, technological industries.