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Mobile Application Development Certificate

Offered by the ITU Engineering Management Department

This is an advanced training certificate program for smart phone, tablet and embedded device application enthusiasts and industry professionals seeking opportunities to expand their design, programming and software development skills into the world of mobile application development. The program focuses on innovative application design and development techniques for iPhone, iPad and Android based phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Students will learn how to develop applications on a variety of different device platforms offering the opportunity for experimentation and advanced application development experience for career growth and opportunities in today’s highly innovative and creative application development industry.

Get Certified

ITU offers a certificate for attending and completing a series of our workshops. To earn a certificate in “Mobile Device Application Development” students will need to complete 4, 3-unit classes for a total of 12 units:

  1. SEN 964 – OO Programming with Java
  2. SEN 960 – OO Programming with Objective-C
  3. SEN 965 – iOS Application Development
  4. SEN 958 – Android Phone Application Development

Note: All classes taken in the certificate program may be applied towards some of the ITU Master’s Degree programs. Please check with the Master’s degree program advisors for more information.

Last modified: September 11, 2013